Perhaps I will die too, she told herself, and the thought did not seem so terrible to her. If she flung herself from the window, she could put an end to her suffering, and in the years to come the singers would write songs of her grief. Her body would lie on the stones below, broken and innocent, shaming all those who had betrayed her. Sansa went so far as to cross the bedchamber and throw open the shutters … but then her courage left her, and she ran back to her bed, sobbing.”

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T h e y  h a v e  m a d e  m e  a  L a n n i s t e r

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game of thrones meme ♔ four deaths eddard stark

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3.08 - Second Sons.
There will be no bedding ceremony. There will be if I command it. Then you’ll be fucking your own bride with a wooden cock.

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You’re right. I have no idea how you feel and you have no idea how I feel.

and you threatened their mother

and you threatened their mother

There are no heroes …in life, the monsters win.

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